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4 Rules For Recovering Your 4X4

One of the best things about owing a 4x4 is that you can take it off the paved roads. You can have adventures on your 4x4 driving it down dirt roads and uncharged paths. However, sometimes when you go off adventuring, there are consequences. If you get stuck when you are out driving your 4x4 and having some fun, you need to understand how to recover your vehicle properly without getting it into a bigger jam that it is already in.

Don't Spin Your Tires

As soon as you realize you are stuck, you need to make sure that you stop spinning your tires. It can be instinct to continue to push on the gas, spinning your tires, to see if your vehicle can make its way out of the hole that you have gotten it into.

However, any excess spinning of your tires is the wrong way to go. To start with, spinning your tires can strain your transmission. Additionally, spinning your tires can dig your vehicle in even further, make the problem you are in deeper.

Check On the Weight Distribution

The next thing you need to do is get out of your vehicle and check on the weight distribution of your vehicle. Is the weight of your vehicle resting on your front bumper or on the side of your vehicle? If the weight is resting on anything other than your wheels, you need to even things out. Use a jack to even out the vehicle so that the weight is resting on your tires, not on other parts of your vehicle.

Dig Out the Wheel That Is Stuck First

Look at the wheels on your vehicle and determine which wheel is the most stuck. That is the wheel that you want to work on first. Use the shovel that you should always have with you to dig out your vehicle. Prioritize the wheel that you work on first.

Next, look and see if there is anything in the way of the other wheels. If there is, dig until there is nothing halting the progress of any of the other wheels before you attempt to move your vehicle.

Identify Obstacles

Before you start up your engine, check and see if there is anything else that will halt your vehicle from getting out of the jam that it is in. Is there a slope behind your vehicle? Is there a big hole in front of your truck that your tires could get stuck in next? Try to identify and fix any issues that may hinder your progress.

When you get stuck when you are out 4x4, the last thing you should do is spin your tires. Immediately get out, assess the situation, redistribute the weight of your vehicle, and work on digging your tires out and removing any obstacles that are in your way. Contact a company, like R & R Towing, if you need help.